Dry Ice Blasting Industries

Dry Ice Blasting Industries in Louisville

We work across all different types of sectors to find solutions to complex cleaning problems. Because of this, we will not stop investing in the expansion of our business in the years to come. In addition to the specialized tools and equipment, this investment also includes training for safety, job skills, and supervisory abilities. All of these components are essential to the success of the enterprise. Dry Ice Blasting Louisville has been in the cleaning services industry for a significant amount of time, during which it has provided customers with a prompt, ecologically friendly, and technologically advanced answer to the toughest cleaning difficulties. At our place of business, we will always prioritize meeting or exceeding the highest standards of health and safety in order to protect both our customers and our employees.

Industries We Serve

In the Louisville area, we serve a wide variety of business sectors with our dry ice blasting services. The following are examples of some of these industries:

• The Manufacturing of Automobiles

• the manufacture of beverages

• General Plant Maintenance

Cleaning Products That Aren’t Abrasive for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

We propose to produce non-abrasive cleaning solutions for the automobile industry, with the goal of facilitating the removal of grime, grease, oil, and other impurities without causing any damage to the machinery. We are able to clean automobiles on-site to ensure that they will not be damaged during transfer, and you may have your dry ice system cleaned online without having to disassemble it.

The following are additional benefits that result from our manufacturing of cleaning solutions:

• Removes mold completely without causing any damage

• Decreases the costs of manpower per hour for cleaning

• There is not any secondary waste

• Decreased periods of inactivity

• Environmentally-responsible

• Cuts down on the total amount of time spent cleaning by up to 80 percent

One of our Dry Ice Blasting Industries

Processing of Wines and Other Drinks

The dry ice blasting services that are offered by Dry Ice Blasting Louisville are perfect for cleaning the processing equipment used in the creation of beverages in the industry that is known as beverage production. Cleaning wine barrels with our wine barrel cleaning solutions is an excellent way to remove crystals, salts, and deposits from presses, plates, and augers. This is accomplished without compromising the tolerances or the structural integrity of the machine parts.

In the process of dry ice blasting, solid dry ice pellets are blasted into the air at velocities faster than sound, with the intention of cleaning surfaces. Because they do not scrape, harm, or etch the equipment, CO2 pellets can be used in the brewing process without fear of injury. This makes them a perfect cleaning solution. The traditional method of cleaning wine barrels, which involves scraping and chiseling to remove stubborn deposits, can leave surface imperfections on the equipment, which can lead to the growth of bacteria. This is because the traditional method involves removing stubborn deposits with manual labor. When we use our cleaning solutions, we do not leave behind any defects that could foster the growth of bacteria.

Cleaning Services for Industrial Facilities and General Plant Maintenance

During routine plant maintenance, the manufacturing equipment and facilities that need to be cleaned can be cleaned using the industrial cleaning services provided by Dry Ice Blasting Louisville in a way that is both quick and cost-effective. The accumulation of dirt, soot, grease, and oil in production facilities can lead to a filthy working environment as well as excessive wear and tear on the machinery that is housed in those facilities. Dry ice blasting is an effective method for eliminating buildup while keeping maintenance expenses to a minimum and cutting down on the amount of time required.

Our industrial cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the equipment or impurities to be cleaned, and then solid CO2 pellets are blasted at the surface. When the pellets impact surfaces, they rapidly sublimate, which results in the surface being cleaned (changes from solid-state to gas phase). When solid dry ice rapidly transforms into gas, it can generate a very small explosion by liberating the contaminant trapped inside. After the contaminant has been separated, only then can the mess be cleaned up.

It does not scrape, etch, or damage the surfaces it comes in contact with because it is non-abrasive. Cryogenic blasting is another name for the process known as CO2 blasting. Since it utilizes CO2 ice rather than water, solvents, or lubricants, dry ice is a superior choice for cleaning electrical equipment in comparison to other cleaning options, such as cleaning chemicals, solvents, or lubricants.

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our dry ice blasting services, and there is no obligation for you to use them. We will send our contractors to your company so that they can provide you with more information about the dry ice blasting services that we offer. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about the services that we offer because we are here to be of assistance to you.

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